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At school and university, I edited videos for conferences and social media. The hours of cutting, selection of music and color correction were the impetus for a detailed study of the subject. I’m a professional editing director today, and I love what I do.
So if you need quality editing and a reliable partner, call me right now!
2009-2013 -Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Faculty of Law, Bachelor
2016-2018 - Jagiellonian University, International Relations, Master

Videomatica Academy
January 2021 - Videomaking Pro
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Editing director
dynamic montage
video shooting
visual effects
professionally work with various formats of video
software skills
successfulL projects
well-known brands
international companies
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I’m inventor of the idea
I work in a team
I work with multiple niches
I work with big projects
Intercars Promo
The video should reduce the outflow of employees from shops, as well as tell the clients and partners about the value and history of the company.

We created a video that told about Auchan through customer stories.
It has been translated into many languages and is broadcast on the screens of all supermarkets.

Auchan Promo
Promo GPL
GPL is a group of companies that produces and distributes lubricants for business (B2B) and end-user (B2C). Our goal was to make a promotional video for the company, show the composition and own production well,

Result: The client is 100% satisfied with the video, it has been translated into several languages and used on the official website and for demonstrations at conferences.

The company needed a video to be shown at conferences, exhibitions and for internal use.
The main task is to tell about the services and advantages of the company without losing the viewer’s attention.

For this we have combined beautiful images with stylized graphics and atmospheric music. This tandem made the video informative, interesting, and above all, working.

more of my work
How video and animation increase your profits
In order to achieve the target action, the person wants to get to know the brand and the product more closely, to know the quality, the advantages, to see how the production process takes place and so forth. The video builds trust and loyalty to the brand and increases conversion to target action as well as sales.

Triggers are the so-called «trigger mechanisms», after which the potential client says “ Yes, I want this product and I will buy it». These are perfectly legal, soft ways that are organically convince at the level of logic and emotion.
Sowing on the site, YouTube, at events
We will help you choose the most effective links for your business, which will generate warm applications or even direct sales.

Video enhances any sales channel by 30-80%
We use special triggers that make you want to buy
Work Phases
Viewing frames and selecting the best
Selection of music that will enhance the emotions and atmosphere of the video
Montage, grinding and color correction
Sending a video to the client and agreeing that everything is ok
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