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About me
A constant desire for creativity has led my path through painting, vocal, poetry, an interest in design, photography and video. But I really started to unlock my potential when I linked my activity to vector illustration and motion design. These areas, apart from esthetic satisfaction, provide opportunities, changes, convey character, idea, purpose, goal, theme or problem, and ways of its solution. Vector illustration can tell the story, and professional roller to change the life of human or society.
That is why I have converted this field.
I am Katya. I am 25. I work quickly, responsibly and with pleasure. Always be guided by the wishes of the client, but ready to help in the selection of the most creative solution. Apart from illustration and animation, I have a strong knack for writing texts and creating logos.
09.2013 - 12.2018 - Vinnitsa Institute of Trade and Economics.
(VTEI KNTEU). Specialty: Business Economics.

01.2021 - Videomatica Academy
Specialty: Motion Design Pro.
Languages that I know
Logo animation
Creation of vector illustrations
Animation of the illustration
Animation of the logo
professionally write scripts of various formats
software skills

successful projects
well-known brands
international companies
why should I be chosen?
I’m inventor of the idea
I work in a team
I work with multiple niches
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Сommercial video Bilux
The task was to create an animated video for a company that makes unique heaters that are efficient and economical.

The customer successfully uses the video as a targeted advertisement on YouTube. Website conversion increased by 26%
I was approached by a client from UpWork to create a video where you can show how his app works, which is available on the AppStore and Play Market.

As a result, we have an explainer that visualizes the features of the application and service, explains the system of reviews and search for good establishments.
Commercial video Apetitto
GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.

Charitable organizations needed an explainer, where you can show how you can help on this special day.

Animation video is used for advertising in the subway in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Giving Tuesday is a global movement of generosity that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.

Charitable organizations needed an explainer to show how they could help on this special day.
The animated video is used for advertising in the metro in Kyiv.

Do charity using talent!
How video and animation increase your profits
In order to achieve the target action, the person wants to get to know the brand and the product more closely, to know the quality, the advantages, to see how the production process takes place and so forth. The video builds trust and loyalty to the brand and increases conversion to target action as well as sales.

Triggers are the so-called «trigger mechanisms», after which the potential client says “ Yes, I want this product and I will buy it». These are perfectly legal, soft ways that are organically convince at the level of logic and emotion.
Sowing on the site, YouTube, at events
We will help you choose the most effective links for your business, which will generate warm applications or even direct sales.

Video enhances any sales channel by 30-80%
We use special triggers that make you want to buy
Work Phases
Creation of scenario, selection and coordination of references. Timekeeping of scenes.
Preparation of illustrated material, formation of the appearance of characters, colors.
Animation of ready-made illustrations. Customization of character rigs, transitions between scenes.
Sound design and voice announcer.
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